Secred Ubud - Bali Tourism

Secred Ubud - Bali Tourism

Experience the Power and Beauty of the world-famous unique sacred landscape, architecture and culture of Bali, ancient and mystical places that make Ubud and Bali a global energy center and vortex for those seeking spiritual growth and healing.   Bali is a land of over 10,000 temples where many Balinese spend over one-third of their time preparing for and participating in spiritual ceremonies.  Our Mission is to provide you with an inside understanding and experience of the mysteries and magic of Balinese spirituality.  Far more than the ordinary tourist experience, we don't just visit sites - we seek to understand them from the inside out by learning what's important about them and by interacting with them through ritual, ceremony and meditation. 

More than a tour, this is a spiritual experience.


Our tours include:

1. Tampak Siring and the Pakiresan Valley.  1 or 2-day tours of extraordinary sites in this proposed World Heritage Area, with visits to many 1,000-year old sites including -

  • Tirta Empul, where we will pray at the temple and perform a water purification ritual alongside Balinese at the holy springs
  • Gunung Kawi, including a meditation in the priest's rock niches at the royal spirit-houses of ancient Balinese kings and queens
  • Goa Garba, an incredible and little-visited rock temple and holy 'weeping tree' spring
  • Goa Gajah, a Shiva-Buddha sacred site where we can experience the inside of the 'elephant cave' in reverent Silence, bathe in the springs and meditate at the Buddhist temple ruins 

There are many more sites worth visiting in this area, which we can discuss together in more detail. 

2. Sebatu and Pura Taman Ayun

  • Gunung Kawi Spring Temple, a less-touristed beautiful and quiet temple-spring complex, where we will purify ourselves and pray at the holy waters
  • Sebatu holy springs, a waterfall-spring where mostly only local Balinese go
  • Taman Ayun, the elegant and exquisite royal Mengwi garden-temple and pools, built to symbolize the mythological home of the gods, Mount Meru, floating in the cosmic ocean  

3. Balinese healing journey - featuring special Balinese cultural and leaders and healers (must be arranged in advance; specific tour components are as available)

  • Herbal healer
  • Balians
  • Pedanda water blessings and karmic purification

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